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2024 お知らせ



What is “Chat Room?”


Chat Room is a space for students to talk freely with “Chat Leaders,” who are selected students from abroad studying at Aoyama Gakuin University. The goal of Chat Room is for students to improve their communication skills in English and to interact with international students. It is also a great opportunity to take advantage of our shared campus with the university.


This semester, students met Chat Leaders from France, the United States, Spain, the Philippines, Ireland, China and many other countries. Chat Room was held five times in the cafeteria during lunch, from 12:30~13:10 on May 17th, 24th and June 7th, 14th, and 28th.


Throughout these five sessions, over forty students from all three grades participated. Because of the great interest shown by students, we were very fortunate to have six Chat Leaders join us during lunch time. Students were able to talk about various things, such as their hobbies, family, and school life in English with the university exchange students from different countries.

This summer, many of our students will participate in programs in the United Kingdom and Australia. In preparation for these respective programs, participating students joined Chat Room sessions too. We hope that they will enjoy their time abroad in a new environment and demonstrate both their English and communication abilities through trial and error.